In Loving Memory Of My Beautiful Daughter Malinda
July 6, 1980 - March 25, 1999

Do not bury me with words.
Do not remember me with the past.
Do not take my few moments of dreams away from me.
For I have lived in this world long enough to cherish life.
Save me in your heart.
Tell others that you loved me.
As I have loved you.
Put my name on your tongue.
Speak it freely.
Speak it to everyone.
So you can be remembered
as one who cares.
And when the tears come
wipe them gently from your face.
For I have not left you or forgotten you.
I am here with you now even as you suffer and mourn.
This is true love.
This is all I ask. This is what I have become.
Only an angel living in your heart.

With all my love
Your Dad